HistoryCrafters Turning Your Heirlooms Into Stories and Your Stories Into Heirlooms

How We Can Help You

  • We can conduct interviews to record the stories, and then transcribe them into a written document.
  • We can edit and polish your written manuscript or genealogy research notes.
  • We can photograph family heirlooms of all types and sizes, from buttons, pocket watches, and letters, to chinaware, furniture, clothing and houses.
  • Old PhotoWe can digitize and repair your old family photographs.
  • We can do research on historical context, genealogy, or the appraisal value of an item.
  • We can handle the design, layout and printing of books, catalogs, or albums to bring together your stories, photographs, and documents into a polished finished product.
  • The project can be designed for:
    • your immediate family
    • a financial or estate plan
    • insurance documentation
    • the general public

Our mission is to preserve your stories and help you to share them in a meaningful way.

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