HistoryCrafters Turning Your Heirlooms Into Stories and Your Stories Into Heirlooms

Turning Your Heirlooms Into Stories and
Your Stories Into Heirlooms

What do you really know about your family? Isn't it time to ask?

A genealogist recently said, "I have been researching my ancestors for 25 years, and I have lots of data. But I will never know their stories!"

Have you asked your parents about their childhood? Has your mother ever told you where she got the apple cookie jar that has always been in her kitchen? Do you know why your Uncle Herbert left the rest of the family and went out to Oregon in 1914, never to return? Do you know why your grandfather died so young and how your grandmother managed to raise the five children without him?

According to a recent survey*, baby boomers said that their parents' personal keepsakes, family stories and final instructions are more important to them than the dollars they expect to inherit. The study also indicated that most seniors do not believe their children are interested in their stories!

Everyone has a story, and everyone should have a chance to tell it.

HistoryCrafters' passion is to preserve people's life stories, through interviews, photographs, research, and documentation of personal items, heirlooms, and collectables. We create books, albums, and catalogs that can be shared with your family and even with the general public if you choose.

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* See The Allianz American Legacies Study

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