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Linda CoffinHistoryCrafters was founded in 2004 by Linda Coffin. Linda has been self-employed as a graphic designer since 1985.

When Linda went through the experience of sorting and emptying her elderly parents' long-time home, it was a defining moment for her. She was already interested in family history and genealogy, but losing the family home, losing her father, and losing many family stories that will never be recaptured gave Linda a mission to help preserve the stories of others.

Now Linda works with clients to help preserve and share their stories. Because of her graphic design experience, her work is largely focused on books, both hardcover and softcover.

In 2012, Linda was named to be the first Executive Director of the Association of Personal Historians, at that time the only international membership organization for professionals who help clients produce their memoirs and family histories in print, video and audio formats.

Linda holds memberships in many professional organizations related to personal histories, genealogy, history, and business. For the full list, click Memberships.

Linda's presentations and workshops have included: saving your family's stories, writing your memoir, writing your family history, organizing and preserving your family's "stuff," graphic design for writers, how to interview your relatives, and the history of Quakers in Minnesota. For a list of Linda's presentations, click here.

In 2009, Linda entered the Excellence in Writing competition sponsored by the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors. Her fact-based story, "Great-Uncle Andrew: The Murderer in the Family Closet" won second place in the Original Research Story category. For this and other events and press coverage, click News & Events.

Linda's clients have said:

  • "[The book is] fabulous. We're all happy. Thanks again and again." (client)
  • "To Linda, my favorite ghostwriter" (Christmas card from a client)
  • "_____'s book is a fabulous example of what can be done! I am sharing it with co-workers and friends who are enjoying it even though they don't know the 'cast'." (Laura Wilson, niece of client)
  • "I loved your piece for the Edina Sun Current; it’s just perfect. I really respect what you do." (colleague, March 2011) [To see the Sun Current article, click here.]
  • "After taking your class, I went to Ancestry.com 'just to see what I could see' about my family. I'm finding it so interesting and emotional to find out more about my family. Thank you so much for the inspiration." (Wendy Ledger, Assoc. of Personal Historians conference, 2010)
  • "Linda Coffin's article in The Minnesota Genealogist HAS to encourage people to expand on bare knowledge of their ancestor ... I have about as much writing ability as an ant, but with her guidelines I could even write a passable history." (member, MN Genealogical Society, 2010)

Her audience members have said:

  • "After taking your workshop, I wanted to go directly home to write and write and write."
  • "Linda was a very good moderator. She brought together a wealth of experience and allowed the panelists and audience to interact in an effective way."
  • "I liked your casual and friendly style."
  • "You put a lot into doing research in advance and providing us with useful information."

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