HistoryCrafters Turning Your Heirlooms Into Stories and Your Stories Into Heirlooms

The Financial, Estate, or Insurance Professional

  • Do you sense that your clients yearn for a way to share more than the simple dollar value of their estates? Have you thought about helping them to share "value-based stories" with their heirs?
  • Are you working with clients to create "ethical wills"?
  • Do your clients want to share the reasons for their life choices, so that their heirs will truly understand?
  • Do your clients want their heirs to appreciate the history of the heirlooms they will receive someday? Are you looking for a way to document the histories of these valuable items?
  • If you plan or manage estate sales, have you ever considered helping the family document the items that they decide not to sell?

We can help your clients tell their stories and the stories of their heirlooms. We will interview the individual(s), photograph the heirlooms and collectables (whether large or small), and create beautiful legacy books or albums. That documentation can be used in insurance evaluations or included with a financial or estate plan.

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